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The crafting is the work of art to me, the way the pen flows is filled with emotion. The Linescapes of imperfection series, is a tranquil movement, detached from outcome, emerged in the now. The Complexity series holds another energy, chaotic and restless. Both conveying parts of me, parts of life.

In my figurative work I create small worlds of the above mentioned techniques inside a portrait i.e.

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Linescapes of imperfection series

From the making of One breath

An example of how the Linescapes of imperfection series is made. With each new line I follow the preceding line to the best of my ability.

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Complexity series

From the making of Attraction

An example of how the Complexity series is made. From a chaotic mishmash of thin lines I build simple shapes in this series of work.

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Portrait series

From the making of Marina

An example of how the portrait series Idols is crafted. Where I use the same technique as in Linescapes of imperfection series, and create shades through the varied spacing of lines.

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