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Boundaries of self performance

Boundaries of self

Marker on body and ground, 2021

The performance investigates the boundaries of the felt sense of self. Where do we start and end? What am I what is other? Yet, looking closely, I fail to find the line.

A short 30min version (partly shown in the featured video) was performed at the Mothership Saloon and a 3-hour long duration version at Noosphere arts. Created during a 6-week Residency in Greenpoint, New York City. 

Part of a group of works, see the drawing Boundaries of self.

Video coming soon...

Linescapes of imperfection perfomance

Linescapes of imperfection

Mixed media on canvas, 210 x 400cm, 2020

This solo performance is an evolution of the Linescapes of imperfections series of drawings. The body is used to its full reach on a large stretch of canvas. 

Not perfect. Fear of failure, perfectionism, meditation, pain, bodily restrictions. A set of rules in which there is no failure, whatever happens, is meant to happen. Mistakes are exactly what they should be. I follow the preceding line to the best of my ability, rise, and repeat. The piece grows, the mistakes reproduce and expand by my body's imperfections and mind, like a fingerprint of me.

Letting go of the outcome, focusing on the moment, as a counter practice to today's shattered shallow attention economy. 

Performed over an exhibition period of 24 days.

Total of 45 hours, longest consecutive session 5hours. 

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