Linescapes of imperfection

Mixed media on canvas, 210 x 400cm, 2020

My first solo performance is an evolution of the Linescapes of imperfections series of drawings. The body is used to its full reach on a large stretch of canvas. 

Not perfect. Fear of failure, perfectionism, meditation, pain, bodily restrictions. A set of rules in which there is no failure, whatever happens, is meant to happen. Mistakes are exactly what they should be. I follow the preceding line to the best of my ability, rise, and repeat. The piece grows, the mistakes reproduce and expand by my body's imperfections and mind, like a fingerprint of me.

Letting go of the outcome, focusing on the moment, as a counter practice to today's shattered shallow attention economy. 

Performed over an exhibition period of 24 days.

Total of 45 hours, longest consecutive session 5hours. 

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