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Zero center of now

Indian ink on paper 2019 70x100cm

The abstract work is divided into the two main series/techniques; Linescapes of imperfection and Complexity (displayed image).  Complexity is pointing towards the chaos and complexity in this world. Linescapes of imperfection is born as out of control issues, perfectionism and fear of failing.

Marina large edited


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Image displayed: Marina

Indian ink and graphite on paper 2019 70x100cm

With abstract techniques, born out of and seen in other of my works, the figurative works are transformed into worlds of line work.

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Linescapes of imperfection - performance

Mixed media on canvas 210x400cm

Using the body as a part of the artwork is a deeply integrated part in my drawings, through performance the body takes the front row.


Exhibition video tour

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Image displayed:

Zero center of now

Indian ink on paper 2019 70x100cm

After having done a number of live virtual exhibition shows. I found that I had time to talk more deeply about my work than I had with the actual visitors of the exhibition. This inspired me to record a video walking through the exhibition talking about each piece. 


Walk through the exhibition Linescapes- order of chaos and entropy with me.


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Andreas Sjöstrand is a Swedish contemporary artist. His earlier work was mainly through the medium of meticulous abstract and figurative drawings. These invite the viewer to expand, allowing order to emerge. His work depicts aspects of consciousness, existence, and the vast forces of the cosmos, space, and time.

Born in Haga, Gothenburg, Sweden, Andreas earned an MFA from the School of Design and Crafts, Gothenburg, Sweden 2010.

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