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Exhibition tour:
Linescapes - order of chaos and entropy

Andreas's meticulous abstract and figurative drawings invite you to expand, allowing order to emerge. It depicts aspects of consciousness, existence, and the vast forces of cosmos, space, and time. During the span of the exhibition, he is creating a drawing performance piece exploring repetition, ritual, and awareness.

In the lens of the world today, the artists’ search for order in chaos can be seen as an allegory to the human condition. Currently, the chaos created by information overload, anxiety, and uncertainty fueled by social media and the never-ending sensationalist news cycle and our striving to restore order through secular practices like psychology, mindfulness, and yoga. Historically, you could argue that the search for order in the midst of chaos is an eternal struggle of humankind and is what has given rise to endless religions over the eons. An individual and collective pursuit to release us from the pain of uncertainty, as well as an exhilarating exploration of the unknown, enabling us to integrate ourselves in a bigger world.

A&K Gallery, Andra Långgatan 35, Gothenburg, Sweden
October 3rd - 30th 2020

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