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Death is present - you are not exempt

Investigate how the personal, social, and legal structures surrounding dying can shine a light on our disharmonious relationship with dying and nature. This will be unveiled through the process towards and the, eventual, exhibition of a decaying human body.

In progress: Parts of the several competencies needed are secured, funding still needed and will be applied for in march from kulturbryggan.

Read more (link to google doc)


This project aims to create the first fully automated human-like spiritual guru that will publish video talks online on a consistent basis, indefinitely, without human involvement. Raising questions such as the relationship between the technological and spiritual, dangers and promises of humanlike AI, and Guru-worship.

Will be produced at a residency le Petit Mason, Auroville, India, autumn 2021.

Read more (link to google doc)

If you are interested in supporting any of the projects contact me at

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