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Become a model?

If you are reading this, we've likely talked already, and I hope you enjoyed it! I understand it might feel odd when someone approaches you like that out of the blue:-D


You are probably thinking about if this modeling thing is something for you or not?


And you likely have a bunch of questions that we didn't have time to talk about when we met. I've tried to answer some common questions below.


If you'd like to feel free to give me a call, or contact me in any other fasion.

Maybe you have thought about becoming a model before, and perhaps you know a bit about the profession. Or maybe this world is all new to you.


First and foremost, this profession (like any job) has its pros and cons, and this is especially true if you would become a professional saught after model. 


Modeling can make you easy money on the side. For example, I've been a "people" model and sometimes made more than 2000SEK or 2000$ over a couple of days. If you are successful, you can get the chance to travel the world and make A LOT of money, even at a very young age.


You should know that: If you decide to pursue a career in modeling (after having been scouted by me), I will be there to support you (if you want me to) in any challenges you face.

About me


I tend to naturally see beauty in my surroundings, especially true for all the endlessly multifaceted, diverse forms of beauty in human features.


Even years before becoming a model scout, I caught myself thinking, "he/she should be a model" "those features would look amazing in a shoot." So it was only natural to pursue this trade in addition to my practice as a visual artist (  


Today, I strive to develop keen eyes and my ability to approach and communicate with a total stranger with as much warmth and respect as possible. And if we end up working together, care for the model's physical and emotional well-being. And be there to support him/her if needed. 

With love /Andreas

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