Unusual Exhibition Shows The 7 Secret New Artworks You Can Never Ever See, Discover Why...

Follow me through this unusual art exhibition, including a guard patting me down, removing my phone, pitch-black rooms, odd shapes, and textures. (unfortunately, there are no photos, and I’m afraid there will never be)

I walk through the gallery door alone just after noon on a rainy Sunday. A dimly lit room with only an official-looking black-dressed man blocking the single door (except the entry).

Approaching him, he asks me to remove my phone or any other light-producing object pointing to the sign that shows phones, lighters, and flashlight crossed over with red lines. He directs me to the tiny lockers to store my items.

“if you want to enter, this is the rules.”

When I ask him why he says nothing but “if you want to enter, this is the rules.” After locking my phone in, he provides me with a form to sign where I do not bring any of these items into the exhibition hall. Then, he asks me to put my arms up to allow him to do a body search.

He finally opens the door and let me in; I walk through the dark corridor and hear the door close behind me. It’s pitch black. I use my hands to orient myself, my hands forward like a zombie, finally reaching a thick fabric that I push through.

Air is lighter in here compared to the stale corridor but still pitch dark. I hear light steps and quiet chatter, probably other visitors. I try to orient myself with hands walking towards the right as the chat comes from the left. I reach a wall, dragging my hand across the surface. I come across something, run my hands over it, and the texture is somewhat wet and bulky. There’s a smell to it I remember from somewhere. I can’t recall where or what. It feels like childhood somehow.

Quietly walking, hands against the wall, touching oddly shaped and textured objects. Some feel gross, while some feel nice to touch. My mind produces diverse images. I hear both nervous laughs and the occasional sure prised noise.

Reaching the felt fabric again, I orient myself towards the door I entered not too long ago. It’s locked, I knock, it unlocks, and the door open as my eyes readjust to the daylight lighting up the entry room.

The text you’ve read is a fictive walkthrough of an art project in progress, imagined by Andreas Sjöstrand. The title is a part of his Art Clickbait Project. If you want to get notified when this ARTWORK premiers follow my occasional art updates below.