On The Cold White Floor, In an Empty Gallery, Lies a Silent Black Horse. Whats Next Will Horrify You

You're walking into a large white well-lit gallery space. In the middle of the empty room on the pristine white floor lies a noiseless black horse.

You walk around the space, inspecting its presence.

In the belly of the horse, you see movement, or was it all in your head? No, you're sure there's a movement now. It stops but comes back occasionally, gradually more violent. What emotions do you feel? Are you uneasy, appalled? Or curious, excited even? What emotions are you holding back?

Fingers grip the skin of the belly, from inside, a barely noticeable tremble of the hand now seems to be the only movement in the vibratingly quiet white space. More of the hand becomes visible, movements grow more intense, split up by long time slots of total stillness. After a short, fierce struggle, head, torso, and arms are slumping like playdough towards the floor. The pale skin is greasy—red-black blood on the floor.

White eyes glancing in the red-skinned face. Painfully rising from the belly, the body walks towards the onlookers, decisive but scared eyes searching for eyes to get comforted and bodies to see it. There's a growing sadness in the blood-framed eyes. The efforts prove useless. Eyes on the floor, It finally returns home.

It is all tranquil again in the belly of the horse.

The text you’ve read is a fictive walkthrough of an art project in progress, imagined by Andreas Sjöstrand. The title is a part of his Art Clickbait Project. If you want to get notified when this ARTWORK premiers follow my occasional art updates below.