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Unique Custom Portrait From Your Photo

Handmade, Hyper-Detailed and Made With ❤️

What you get

  • Personalized Artwork: Handmade and hyper-detailed from your photo of choice.

  • Premium Quality: Made on luxe 250g paper, with fade-resistant ink ensuring longevity.

  • Artist's Signature: Each piece signed and dated by the artist.

  • Authenticity Certified: Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

  • Size Variations: Select from several size options to fit your space perfectly.

  • Satisfaction Ensured: 100% money back guarantee.

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Hi and welcome! Below is a few of my own words about my artistic practice.

The style I've developed is sprung out of a fascination of the coexisting simplicity and complexity of life and the universe.
From a distance, you see cohesive portraits, but up close, you see only landscapes of lines. To me, this reflects life's nuances – the balance between getting lost in the details and raising the gaze to see whats actually important and meaningful.


Light and shadow is created through meticulous variations in the spacing between lines, slowly building the shapes and intricacies of the human face. The face, which I hold in great appreciation and fascination, because of how ingrained the recognition and decoding of it is in our human DNA.

My work is an ode to the intricate dance of light and darkness in our lives, inviting you to remind yourself that there are simplicity and peace in a higher vantage point, even in the complexity and chaos of the human predicament.

/ Andreas

Explore the details
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“I am blown away by the detail of my portrait, it looks like he must have spent 100s of hours on it. It looks so much like the photo I provided!


And it's amazing that I never get bored by it, I find new things to marvel at all the time in the complex landscape of this artwork.

I am so happy having this in my home:-)”

- Ellen Isaksson
Certified owner of custom portrait

What it may look like in a home

(Example of 36 x 48 inch portrait)

Art critic reviews

"A phenomenal artist, a very skilled draftsman."

Mak Hubjer, Manager at Brodac Gallery

  • A phenomenal artist, a very skilled draftsman. What is interesting in his work is the dialogue that he manages to achieve through the relationship between linear surfaces and figuration. I am especially fascinated by works that depict characters. No matter how much they are drawings, you can still feel a certain tendency towards repetition and building form through repetition. In the case of figuration, this is very attractive because, possessing this substance in the work, the artist emphasizes certain forms that can create a contrasting relationship with the narrative of the work itself.
    - Mak Hubjer, Manager at Brodac Gallery

    The detail is impeccable. All the character studies and the emotions they radiate are perfectly executed by the lines and their outfits. It shows the time and work taken. The drawing seems to me something out of the ordinary, perhaps at first glance it may seem simple but when you review it a little more the complexity is understood. When you can see that kind of dedication in the works, it is very difficult for people who appreciate art not to like it.
    - Sebastian Urgiles, Museographer, Exhibition producer

    I enjoy these drawings since they show the artist's dedication and patience in portraying something so scrupulously.

    Especially, I think the portrayal of Marina Abramovic really plays with this doubling—the artist's way of depicting her and also the depicted character's actual persona.

    - Klaudija Ylaite, Curator and Art Critic

    Good management of the technique, and above all composition, the textures enrich the work and generate a visual dialogue, which allows each piece to be explored for longer. The texture is certainly quite unique and draws the viewer into quite an interesting story.
    - Alejandro Jaramillo, Art Purchase Consultant

    Minimal art and interesting composition of portraits especially. It's something rarely seen, as some kind of contemporary impressionist or pointillism. Similar to Julio Le Parcs drawing period without colors.
    - Teresita Santos, Art Curator

My (Almost stupid)
100% Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee

You don’t have to say YES right now. You only have to say I*M LIKING THIS. Make an order and will create your portrait. If you don't love it I'll give you a full refund. Just shoot me an email.

How can I give you this offer? When it takes double-digit hours to create a portrait like this? All 
previous customers have been happy with their purchase so I'm confident you will be too. If not, no hard feelings, I'll just consider it time well spent refining my craft:-)

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Order Now And Get 3 FREE Bonuses

  • Continuous process photos every day your portrait is coming closer to completion 

  • Certificate of Authenticity on high quality paper

  • Professionally edited process video sent to you alongside your portrait

Time limited offer:
$197  $97
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100% Risk-Free: Love your portrait or receive a full refund.

Secure PayPal / Credit Card Payment.

Over $10 000 worth of artworks sold already

Over $10000 worth of artworks sold already


  • Can you incorporate specific symbols or themes into my portrait?

    • Yes, meaningful symbols or themes can be incorporated to enhance the personal connection.

  • What materials do you use for your portraits?

    • High-quality ink and 250g paper are used to ensure longevity and quality.

  • How should I choose the right photo for the portrait?

    • Choose a high-resolution photo that captures personality and features in good lighting.

  • Can I see a preview of the portrait before it's finalized?

    • Previews are provided to ensure satisfaction with the final piece.

  • How do I maintain and care for my portrait?

    • Keep away from direct sunlight and humidity, and framing under glass is recommended.

  • What if I need the portrait by a specific date?

    • Communicate deadlines beforehand, and efforts will be made to accommodate. Normally the portrait ships within 14 days of order. 

  • Do you offer framing services?

    • Framing is not provided, but recommendations on sizes and styles are available.

  • How is the final price of a portrait determined?

    • Price depends on size, and any special requests for the portrait.

  • Can I order a portrait with more than one person in it?

    • Portraits featuring multiple subjects are available in certain sizes.

  • What is your policy on revisions?

    • Minor revisions are welcome, but extensive changes may incur additional costs.

  • Do you offer digital versions of the portraits?

    • Primary focus is on physical portraits, but digital reproductions can be provided.

  • How can I best display my portrait?

    • Display in a well-lit area away from direct sunlight, with archival-quality framing.

  • Is there a waiting list for commissions?

    • Depending on demand, there may be a waiting period.

  • How do I get started with a commission?

    • Order through the checkout-page and follow the instructions.

  • What happens if my portrait is damaged during shipping?

    • Contact immediately to replacement options or refund.

  • Can I commission a portrait in a style different from your usual work?

    • I am open to discussing visions that might align with the artistic approach.

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