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Arguably most of what is of importance to us humans can be found in the faces of the people around us. I.e. love, hate, pain, bliss, ecstasy. I only feel I met someone truly, after locking eyes for some seconds, peeked into their soul. In the series Idols, I use the faces of people, who hold qualities this world of today desperately needs, as canvases for random abstract worlds of lines to highlight the beauty of human oneness, diversity, and imperfection.


Indian ink and graphite on paper

2020 70x100cm

Inspired by her grit, stamina, determination, sincerity and dedication to her art and her path in life.


Indian ink on paper

2020 70x100cm

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Inspired by her out-of-worldliness, integrity, freedom of expression and connection to her inner child.


Indian ink on paper

2019 70x100cm

Groundbreaking avant garde artist FKA Twigs whom I’m inspired by in grit, style and artistic expression.


Indian ink on paper

2020 70x100cm

A celebration of a person I loved, and love. Of her love. Of years we spent together. Of times she held me.
Of her clarity and direction. 
Of times that has been. 
Of a new chapter.



Coloured ink on paper

2020 70x100cm

Inspired by his I don't give a fuck about what others think I just do my own thing- attitude.


Indian ink on paper

2016 100x70cm

Not meeting my demons, the pain and release of trying to make peace with them. A therapy, an allegory and an homage to the tale of the Buddha and his enlightenment under the Bodhi tree.

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